Wojciech Gryc from Canopy Labs at JOLT today

349b7f7We are pleased to welcome Wojciech Gryc, CEO of Canopy Labs to JOLT for a lunch and learn session. Wojciech is hot off of his time at Y Combinator, raising over $1.5M from investors such as Peter Thiel and BDC.

Wojciech Gryc has a wide range of experience in marketing, analytics, and business development. Prior to founding Canopy Labs, he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, with projects focusing on business technology, big data, and marketing. Named a Rhodes Scholar in 2008, he studied at the University of Oxford and earned M.Sc. degrees in Mathematical Modelling and Social Science of the Internet. He also studied Mathematics and International Development at the University of Toronto. His employment experience includes working as part of the Predictive Modelling Group at TJ Watson Research Laboratory at IBM Research.

Wojciech Gryc has received numerous awards for his work and research. He was named a Rhodes Scholar in 2008, a LORAN Scholar in 2004, Top 20 Under 20, and received a number of governmental accolades. Wojciech can be contacted at