ShelfLife turns focus on gaining customers

For a social commerce engine such as ShelfLife, our customer acquisition strategy needs to include a mix of gamification, social and online advertising.

We gamify by providing collectors with a Collector Dashboard that tracks their entire collection, provides useful stats that reveal buying and selling opportunities in the marketplace and a Collector Score that unlocks discounts, exclusives and unique content for the users that do the most to help build the community. We are fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing actions taken on site to echo through the social sphere and attract more users at minimal cost. With funding we will purchase select targeted advertising in key niches like video gaming, toys and games and technology to ensure that the maximum number of target users find their way home.

For our platform to hit critical mass, we need to time the explosions of on site activity to tightly coincide with the completion of the curation of relevant collectibles for each vertical. Our team is following in the footsteps of teams that really understand this methodology well including sites like Etsy, Amazon and Pinterest.

Done correctly, this method results in users having dynamic social and marketplace experiences the first time they interact with the community and the stage is set for frequent on site activity. If you execute poorly, users find weak content, nothing to buy and sell and/or a lack of suitable peers to socialize with. But where would the fun be if it wasn’t difficult?