Know when not to take advice was asked, “What has been the best piece of advice given thus far from the seasoned advisors you’re working with?”

Since Day 1, we have been offered a plethora of business-altering advice from the many awesome advisors, mentors, and partners in the JOLT program.

And we have received many gems along the way that have pivoted our business numerous times — including invaluable advice about branding, fundraising, management, user experience, information architecture, and everything in between.

Sue McGill, executive director at JOLT had warned us about “mentor whiplash” on our first day. She said it was very likely our many advisors would pull us in different directions with the greatest of intentions. Those words have turned into prophecy for the past few weeks, and as much as we were prepared for the whiplash, our necks are still a bit sore.

Perhaps the best advice we received while in the program was from Marc Faucher, our lead mentor and a former partner at the BlackBerry Partners Fund. His advice was to take all advice with a grain of salt and to know when not to take advice at all because we ultimately know our business best. He also suggested we listen carefully when an advisor shares their thoughts in their domain of expertise. And that made absolute sense  although we may not have many discussions with Faucher about designing the user experience, his counsel on raising capital is absolutely golden.

So there you have it. The best advice we’ve received so far is knowing when to not take any at all.