Inspirational advice for the long term: Entrepreneurs change the world

Greengage Mobile was asked “What has been the best piece of advice given thus far from the seasoned advisors you’re working with?”

Throughout our startup journey, we’ve received a lot of advice. Oftentimes, the advice is useful because it gives us actionable items to work on. It may help us with our marketing plan, give us ideas on tweaking our product, or change our thinking on customer acquisition. Practical advice like this is invaluable when building a business, but sometimes, when a founder is in the everyday startup grind, the most helpful advice is just a little bit of inspiration.

Dan Martell, a multi-time entrepreneur and investor is one of the many mentors we have had the opportunity to receive advice from. Having gone through the steps of building a business, he provided lots of constructive and useful recommendations. But one piece of advice  really stood out for us. That advice was to never forget that what we’re doing is special, that less than 1% of people do it, and that entrepreneurs change the world.

When you’re pouring all of your time and effort into your startup, hearing those words can really help put everything into perspective. Startups are challenging and risky, but they’re also extremely rewarding. With that advice, we now make a conscious effort to step back every once in a while and remember all of the reasons why we’re building Greengage Mobile. It’s important to look at the big picture, to focus on your long-term vision, and to feel inspired to keep building the business you’re so passionate about. His words resonated with us because we believe that for a business to succeed, the founders must feel they’re doing something important, something special and  worthwhile.

Different pieces of advice are useful to a founder at different times in their business. Among the ample relevant advice we’ve received to continue growing our business, we found Martell’s advice to be the best to keep in mind for the long term.